About This Project

  • Created by & Starring Phil E. Eichinger

Project Synopsis

What if, why not?

Have you ever had that moment in life, where you said to yourself… what if? What if I tried a little harder, what if you took a different path, what if I made IT? That is exactly what this is… a what if story turned into a why not? Inspired by his 6-year-old daughter, Phil E. Eichinger is on his what if quest, turning it into a why not…

Phil played hockey at a highly competitive level from his late teens into his late twenties, and it was 20 years ago that he had a brief stint semi-professionally… yet he has always wondered “what if…” With his daughter recently starting her own ice hockey journey, this has inspired Phil to go back and try again. He wants to see if at 47 years old, he still has the ability to keep up in a very physically demanding sport and to show his daughter, don’t be afraid to try, regardless of where you are at in life! We often hear, you are too old, or that ship has sailed, but who says! Why not go back and push yourself even harder the second time around?

Join this journey, as we see what Phil’s family, friends, former teammates and coaches have to say about this crazy and inspiring story of a man’s journey to put into action his “what if” and turn it into a “why not…”