An Original Gotham Series Spinoff

Chronicled through the eyes of former Detective Charles Culpepper of the Gotham City Police Department, Culpepper, a Gotham spinoff, is a reimagined and dangerous origin story revealing the birth of one of the most popular super villains of all time, Darkseid.

What It Is

Culpepper is a three-season series spinoff of Gotham, which takes place between episodes 99 and 100 of Gotham. Our story tells the reimagined birth of Darkseid and The Consortium’s attempts to kill Superman. It is a dark, highfalutin drama ala’ Billions and Succession, centered around former Detective Culpepper, a character in Gotham Ep. 406, titled “A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon.” In our story, our protagonist Detective Culpepper is “Charles Culpepper” from Action Comics Weekly who becomes a member of The Consortium, a group who believe they must destroy Superman to save the world.

Why Our Story is Awesome

Our dark, reimagined interpretation of events leading up to and culminating with Darkseid’s encounter with Superman from the original Action Comics Weekly series will appeal to the existing Gotham fan base, DC movie and show enthusiasts, and DC comics readers. Our series protagonist is a former character from Gotham. Our story is a clever and complex weave of canonized DC events, with subtle and meaningful Easter eggs. We are strictly loyal to the Gotham series, streamlining elements from the comics and the entire DC universe that will satisfy even the most uncompromising DC loyalists.

Awards & Accolades

  • Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship – 2023 QUARTER-FINALIST

  • Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards – 2023 FINALIST

  • Page Turner Screenplays First 15 – 2023 SEMI-FINALIST

  • Golden State Film Festival – 2023 FINALIST

  • Page Turner Screenplay – 2022 FINALIST

  • New York International Screenplay Awards – 2022 QUARTER-FINALIST

  • Miami Screenplay Awards – 2021 FINALIST – placed in the top 1% of almost 1,000 other competitors

  • Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards- 2021 QUARTER-FINALIST

  • Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards – 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival – 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • NYC International Screenplay Awards – Summer 2021 SEMI-FINALIST – placed in the top 10% of over 1,000 other competitors