What kind of heart do you have?

Tells the story of a saddened young artichoke struggling with color, gender, race and sexuality.

It’s a summer day, with bright sunshine and just a slight breeze. However, troubling thoughts about color, gender, race and sexuality distract a young artichoke as they sit alone on a swing, swaying back and forth. Thoughts, wants, and fears about their place in the world are explored as Artichoke Boy monologues throughout this summer day.

About This Project

  • Written & Directed by Phil E. Eichinger

Awards & Accolades

  • HONORABLE MENTION – Deep Focus Film Festival

  • FINALIST – Love Int’l Film Festival

  • FINALIST – Humboldt Int’l Film Festival

  • Feedback Animation Film & Screenplay Festival

  • VOB Film Festival

  • Sunscreen Film Festival

  • Garden State Film Festival

  • McMinnville Short Film Festival

Audience Feedback